Kitchen Design Trends

Whether you’re building from scratch, renovating the current layout or freshening up a tired example, draw creative inspiration from this year’s best kitchen styling cues.

Once upon a time, the kitchen was hidden away in the back of the house. It was simply a room where meals were prepared and dirty dishes were washed.

Today, the kitchen has become an extension of the rest of the home, with a character and personality of its own.

In fact, a kitchen is now often the focal point – a social hub where everyone comes together. Encouraging creativity in cooking, as well as design.

This year, the big trends in kitchen styling will be around both culinary form and function. This year is all about a high degree of practicality and personalisation, executed in a refined way.

Keep It Simple

The modern kitchen is a streamlined, clutter-free environment in its design, layout and aesthetic, with fixtures, features and smart appliances integrated seamlessly.

Clever use of space to maximise storage is key. A popular decision is incorporating a mix of open shelving (perfect for displaying decorative accessories) and hidden storage.

An island bench — also known as a breakfast bar — can work as a storage area, as well as a surface for food preparation and even informal dining.

Jasmin Kheireddine, a kitchen designer for a major home builder, says: “The island bench makes a great casual setting for get-togethers amongst family and friends.”

Space permitting, a walk-in butler’s pantry is becoming a common addition. As an extension to the kitchen, it allows for extra bench space and storage, and frees up the main area to remain a showcase.

Colour Co-ordinated

The once-popular all-white kitchen is being replaced with a warmer colour palette of earthy, neutral tones. “Whilst you still get a handful who love the classic white glossy kitchen, people are choosing to be bold” says Jasmin. “I find clients are being a little bit braver with their colour choices.” Use of colour in the kitchen creates visual interest and reflects the home owner’s personality.

Similarly, tactile, textured and matte finishes are becoming the preferred choice over high gloss, polished finishes. These help make the space feel more natural and organic, and bring warmth to the kitchen. Jasmin says “People are choosing black tapware and sinks as a feature, whilst keeping everything else fairly neutral.”

Get A Grip

Whether it’s a complete renovation or modest freshen-up of the kitchen, handles, knobs and pulls are a great way to create interesting focal points.

Renovators are looking for alternatives to everyday stainless steel. Handles can be either colour-coded to match cupboards or finished in a contrasting hue. A point of difference can also be created with beautiful, ornate handles against modern cupboards. Oversized cabinetry knobs are on-trend. Plus, there’s a growing trend towards matching accessories and appliances to the accents found in handles.

“People can refresh cabinet and drawer handles to add a pop of colour or character to their kitchen. Black handles are getting popular, along with metallic finishes like rose gold or copper.”

Jasmin Kheireddine – kitchen designer